The room thermostat of a radiator

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The room thermostat is to adjust the heat precisely. Ideal for handling soft and simple temperature, it also allows significant savings. You should you choose the best wifi thermostat.

Set up a room thermostat is a highly attractive solution to generate significant savings on its energy bill. Operation comprises:

  • Set the desired temperature in the housing to the degree,
  • Allow savings by managing the overall temperature of the apartment, called temperature of the atmosphere. Decreasing not least one degree room temperature will build you a 7% saving on your bill,
  • The room thermostat allows for savings of 10 to 25%
  • Alone, the room thermostat is based solely on the room temperature where it is to regulate the boiler room,

Recent models are programmable thermostats, which offer a greater range of possibilities. Indeed, these models allow you to program the temperature depending on the time or day. Click here for the best programmable thermostat.

In cost for a standard room thermostat, prices range from10-50 euros.

The programmable thermostat of a radiator

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The programmable thermostat is a thermostat that provides the comfort while generating energy savings. Program it just once; it will handle the rest for you.

Features and benefits of programmable thermostat

The programmable thermostat is what is best for the temperature control and regulation. As the name suggested the programmable thermostat:

can be programmed to vary the temperature according to the time of day or day of the week,

then offers total control over the temperature,

Once the programmed thermostat, you will not have to worry about the actual temperature. The programmable thermostat will handle everything itself, installs easily, simply connect it to the boiler.

The advantages offered by the use of a programmable thermostat are numerous. So you can:

Achieve significant energy savings, up to 20% on your bill, program the temple temperature according to your activities for unparalleled comfort. For example, you can make it raise the temperature during your absence then the temperature rises slightly for your arrival, and the temperature will fall by itself for the night if you like, program the thermostat according to the days of the week. Useful when you have children, to program a heater on return according to the day of the week.

What environment for the programmable thermostat?

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The heating will be triggered if the programmable thermostat measures a temperature that requires heating activity layout. So one should look for the ideal room to place the programmable thermostat and set it so that it can perfectly capture the ambient temperature. Therefore, avoid placing it near a heating point.

To freely able to move the programmable thermostat, you can opt for a mobile model. The benefits are many:

The wireless programmable thermostat can be moved easily to place it in the most suitable place for a temperature measurement. No connection or power constraint exists, a receiver is placed near the boiler and connected to it for regulating the. The receiver receives the thermostat information by radio wave.

It is also possible to remotely control the thermostat. Whether opting for a telephone order will allow you to control through a phone call or by opting for the establishment of a home automation, you can then manage your thermostat from a computer or a smartphone.

A wired programmable thermostat will cost 25-140 euros. The price of a wireless model will oscillate between 60 and 250 euros.

Programmable thermostat options


The efficiency and the savings generated by a programmable thermostat can be further increased by coupling its use to that of thermostatic valves. Using these taps, you will:

Implement a temperature control for each room. For example, adjust the heating periods of the bathroom at times when it is occupied and lower the temperature of the room to the other time slots.

Each tap will cost 20 to 40 euros. These valves probing the room temperature of each room, they will be placed on ensuring:

  • No cover, thus avoiding the curtains,
  • Do not place them in a poorly ventilated area; we will avoid such placing at shelf
  • air can circulate freely around the thermostatic valves.

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